Friday, 25 February 2011

Early Morning Dulwich Hill Shred Sled Session

I'm trying to use my iPhone to film myself skating, and here's my first attempt from a few months ago. It's at Dulwich Hill skatepark (at the Jack Shanahan Reserve), and it's the first time I'd been skating since I got hit off my bike by a car, so I was moving a touch gingerly.

I figure that filming myself helps me set targets to make tricks. Skating's also a part of my life totally distinct from work and from a lot of my friends, so I want to be able to point to something and say, "this is what I do." Until now, I didn't have any video or photographic evidence from over 24 years of skating.

The music is 'Love Came Tumbling Down' by The Monks.

The bird is a Tawny Frogmouth that sat outside my back door for a while.


  1. This vid is AWE-SOME! I love how it's such "un-skater" music, contrasts the soundtracks we usually here with this imagery and even the laid back, slow editing is different from the high octane cuts you usually see in skate videos. Plus the random tawny mouth - hilarious!

    If you ever wanna borrow my flip camera or want me to come film you, just ask. I actually can work with the video now that I upgraded my whole computer!! :-)