Monday, 12 September 2011

My New Skateboard Trick

I have invented a rad skateboarding maneuver, which is basically a one-footed ollie (or 'ollie north' if you were born after 1985) with a hand-clap below my extended leg. I predict it will herald a new era of joyous percussive skateboard tricks and I will be accorded the status of a maester gnarchemist (which is an alchemist of gnar). I have naming rights over this banger because I made it up, but I'm not certain what to call it. 

It ought to be a word with 'oly' at the end - "melanchollie" is the best-named trick of skateboarding. Top of my list just now is "Holy Mollie!". The exclamation mark is part of the name. Other suggestions are welcome.

***UPDATE - it is now called the Gosh Gollie!***

Here is a Gosh Gollie! filmed in super slow-motion:


  1. The ominous music really gives weight to the dawning of this new age of gnar-dom. Suggestions for further new tricks may include:

    - the Gosh G-Ollie
    - the Get Yer J-Ollie
    - the Iced L-Ollie
    - the Cracker & P-Ollie
    - the Rock & R-Ollie
    - the Where's W-Ollie

    Make it happen please.

  2. Gosh Gollie! That is the awesome. This is why I married you.

  3. The music is Butthole Surfers, by the way. I was going for an atmosphere of slow-motion wretchedness, rather than ominousness.

  4. :D

    This was the sole reason? If so, you have mega forethought. I hope I am not made redundant now that I have named your awesome trick...