Sunday, 29 May 2011

Matt Hensley Krooked Deck

If skateboarding starts to get tiresome, two things that can help revitalise it are a new board, and skateboarding more. I got a new deck - a Krooked Matt Hensley guest board. Krooked is Mark Gonzales' company - they make short runs of boards with Gonz graphics - it's naive art, baby! I really like this company, and I am happy to skate on a board bearing Gonz artwork. He is one of my all-time favourite dudes, let alone all-time favourite skaters. I like that this board is not a full-cover base print; the graphic screams off the sweet pink woodstain background.

This deck is a bit bigger than I normally ride (8.25") , and I've paired it with softer wheels (92A Pink P-52 wheels) for rough streets, ditches and parks. But the wheels are still only 52mm, the board isn't so big that you can't flip or ollie it, and the wheels still have a bit of slide to them. It feels different and it's fun to skate - 92A wheels induce a curiously nostalgic muscle-memory of set-ups from the late 1980s. I've been skating a lot since I got it a week or so ago, and am back in love with skating again.

Krooked ad

new wave wheels

Top Graphic - note limited edition numbering

grip it and rip it

gripped it and ripped it

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