Sunday, 29 May 2011

Skateboards on Bicycles

I like to ride my bike to where I'm skating. Public transport can be a toil, and when driving I tend to become zoned-out (what we would call 'glaikit' in Scotland) or frustrated; on my bike I tend to arrive warmed-up, alert and ready for some FUCKING ACTION. 

But there is the problem of carrying a board on a bike. I have a backpack that I can strap a board to, but it sucks for reasons that I can't be arsed getting into here. Bungee cords leave your board flopping around behind ye. So I got my sewing machine, some velcro and denim, and stitched up this thing to strap my skateboard to my pannier rack. It is a fabric wallet that enfolds the deck as a lover's hand encloses a hot spicy boner and has velcro straps attached, to hold the board firm across the top of my pannier rack. It works really well and I think it's rad, but I don't know what to call it. I have called it "skateboard pannier carrier" here, but other suggestions are welcome. Skateboard cock wallet?

Skateboard pannier carrier. The central panel is reinforced with a piece of heavyweight cardboard

Skateboard in pannier carrier

Skateboard strapped to bike pannier, like a sexy skateboard spoiler

I only ride short distances to go skate - 20 kms is about as much as I can take before I burn through so much energy that the skate becomes pointless. But here is a great wee film of a human-powered bicycle/skate tour of the length of New Zealand from John Rattray's excellent blog.


  1. Nice saddle! I just got myself a B17 Imperial. My problem is that after cycling a decent amount my legs don't want to skate anymore!

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